In good company with Brigitte Macron in hospital, Michel Drucker makes revelations

For once again, the news vibrates to the rhythm of new and quite shocking information that revolves particularly around the mythical host of France 2. Michel Drucker, since it is him that we are talking about, shakes the web since he benefited from the company of Brigitte Macron in the hospital. The now host of the show Vivement dimanche, broadcast on Sunday on France 2, is suspected of having certain relations with the first lady of France. Find out all the details by reading this article.

The host of the successful show signs his big return in 2021

Michel Drucker has had a busy media schedule for several months. If in the spring of 2020, he was less noticed in France because of health concerns that were undoubtedly not least, he appears at the moment in great shape. At least that's what we can say from the latest information coming out about him. To find out more, Indeed, once again Michel Drucker is making his return to the air of France 2 for the presentation of an incredible show called Vivement dimanche! And already, the numbers are climbing. It must be said that viewers have not failed to show him, through several letters sent to the channel, their affection for the great return of the mythical host.

Now revelations are raining down on his company with Brigitte Macron!

Barely out of the real drama that shook his life for long moments, Michel Drucker is now at the heart of completely crazy news. Indeed, the host, during his hospital stay, would have been in a relationship with the first lady of France Brigitte Macron, wife of the head of state Emmanuel Macron. Revelations that leave everyone perplexed, especially fans of Michel Drucker who see once again close relations between the power and the media. The host did not hesitate to put an end to the controversy, admitting that he had received the support of the first lady and even her husband in the hospital.