03 benefits of cannabis

Cannabis is a hemp plant used for its psychoactive properties. For the most part, it is only harmful to humans. However, it plays important roles that many people are unaware of. Discover in this article, the benefits of cannabis. Cannabis as a brain protector For a long time, cannabis was considered a brain-killing drug. Unfortunately, over time, studies have proven the opposite. To find out more, click on the link Cannabis helps the brain to regenerate some of... See more

The E.U reaches an agreement with AstraZeneca over the number of Vaccines to be delivered

 The EU has announced that the UK-Swedish drug firm AstraZeneca has agreed to supply an additional 9 million COVID-19 vaccine doses by March. The agreement was reached after the critique of the EU's response to the company's vaccination program. Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the agreement was a sign of good faith, even though the expected 40 m doses are only half of what the E.U expected.  The commission was involved in a disagreement with both the UK and AstraZeneca  The Europe... See more